Because food is not a joke, I wanted the most powerful barbecue I can build. I've chosen the motorsport theme for this project.
Initialy designed for a japanese street car (Honda Civic), this stainless 4-1 manifold is also an very cool way to distribute air.
To adjust the natural air flow, this big throttle from an american muscle car (Ford Mustang) is coupled with a numeric servo motor.
The airflow is boosted by a powerfull electrical tubo. It's triphase brushless motor (360 Watts) is drived by an ESC (Electronic Speed Controler).
All the electrical componants are controlled by a Wifi chip (ESP8266). Need an upgrade? No problem, this ECU is easily programmable.
To drive this thing quietly settled in your seat, an app allows a full remote control. Use a preset or move the phone, the accelerometer will drive the throttle and the turbo for you.

Just for fun, click here to play with the app.
Built from a medium steel tank and a square tube frame, this barbecue is totally transportable.
When the night comes
Some good moments of the first week with it.
A short video of fine tune taken in my workshop.
Some steps
The frame, the tank mods, the adaptor plates and the electronic are specialy hand made :
Thank you
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Created by Morgan Wild - Summer 2016